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Vascular Dementia Symptoms



Symptoms of Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia is caused due to the blockages in brain?s blood supply and it is considered as the second most common form of dementia in Europe and United States of America. The first ranking goes to the well-known Alzheimer?s disease. Vascular dementia generally impacts the memory along with the cognitive functioning. However, one can prevent the severity of this dementia and also can reduce the severity. This depends on how the procedure takes place in a medical way.  

Vascular dementia is one of the major problems that people face today. In today?s modern society and hectic life, human beings often forget various things since they cannot keep track of their daily activities. Forgetfulness is linked with humans and animals since they day they are born. Similarly, if you take an example of your birth time then you do not remember what exactly happened at that time. This is one of the basic cases. According to American Health Association, it has been estimated that many people who suffer from chronic or acute vascular dementia are tend to forget almost everything in their lives at a certain age. So, what do you think that can cause this vascular dementia? Now, let us focus on various vascular dementia symptoms. 

Major Symptoms of Vascular Dementia

There are two types of signs and symptoms of vascular dementia. Some of the major symptoms of vascular dementia are as follows:               

Physical Symptoms of Vascular Dementia

Behavioral or Psychological Symptoms of Vascular Dementia